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Updating Papua Road Map

In 2009, Papua Studies team from Lembaga Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI/Indonesia Institute of Sciences) published a book titled Papua Road Map: Negotiating the Past, Improving the Present, and Securing the Future. This book was a result of four-year extensive research from 2004-2008. The author team consisted of Muridan S. Widjojo (coordinator and editor of the Papua Road Map/PRM), Adriana Elisabeth, Cahyo Pamungkas, Amiruddin al Rahab, and Rosita Dewi. The book analysed four main roots of conflict in Papua, which stand for history of the integration of Papua land to the Republic of Indonesia and political identity of Papuans, political violence and Human Rights violations, failure of socio-economic development in Papua and inconsistency of the implementation of Otsus Law (Special Autonomy) in Papua, as well as marginalization and discrimination towards Papuan people (Widjojo, 2009, p. 6-7). …

Published by:
Center for Political Studies, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (P2Politik – LIPI)